Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

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Icy Pisces By Icystormrises14 Updated Aug 31

Hi! I'm Icy. This is my zodiac book. I would like your to read this description, there are the rules for the books. 

This is my books, don't copy. Also, I can't draw. I can't digitally edit. I own everything but the pictures, unless I state a squad is someone else's. But other than that, no pictures are mine, and some lists are other people's. 

Don't swear on my book. If you like swearing, leave now. Even if it's just like a letter or two changed, it's being deleted. Too many deleted, your getting muted. 

No bullying you guys, none. Not to me, not you others, muted. 

Be nice. This is a nice book. 

For your information I'm a Pisces sun, Leo moon, Pisces rising. 

And yeah just enjoy!



SeaSorcerer SeaSorcerer Sep 05
This is my Moon sign. And I have my... own... sense of humor. Heheh
Hell naww i consider my self a somewhat selfless person but if i see something dangerous about to happen my behind  is out of here. i wouldn't be there to protect lol
I easily give up, but then a few seconds later, I gave up on giving up .-. I dunno if that made sense
@EatTrash_DemonChild Ik UR B-Day Is May 21st
                              @PrincessNetty25 Can't Figure Out Urs ;-;
akshitha akshitha Oct 02
Even if you're aching all over. Even if the pain is too much to bear, just keep digging deeper so the body won't be found
Knowing that your zodiac is Aries, it fills you with DETERMINATION