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Rachel By A-Cold-Burn Updated May 18

Nightwing tightened the grip on his brother's arms, pulling him closer. It was as if in some way he hoped he could shield Robin from the truth of their father's actions. Despite his best efforts, the crimson color that stained the gray of Batman's suit, splattered over his newly placed metal Bat-Symbol, and finally stopped at his lip, demanded Tim's attention, letting Tim stare at it in wide-eyed horror. It glistened in the daylight, making Dick's stomach churn. "You killed your son," he said. // 

The Flash has Died. The Justice Lords have taken over. Now, Batman has no choice but to get rid of all the Black Sheep in his family.

I'm a huge DC comics fan, so I don't think anyone can blame me for LEGIT CRYING WHILE READING THIS!
batkatex batkatex Mar 21
i don't have words for how much i hate clark. i'd punch him right in the face
iswashere iswashere May 02
*quickly scribbles down a list of everyone murdered by the Justice Lords as evidence for why the killing curse should be used on them*
batkatex batkatex Mar 21
I'm not crying.... not at all... @gravtex why did you recommend this to me?
Nicoismycat Nicoismycat May 09
My heart is breaking. I can hear it splintering. Oh, there it goes, out the window. My heart it not ready.
                              Really great story tho