Welcome to Pandora kiddos.

Welcome to Pandora kiddos.

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Rhysie baby By CreativelyStupid Updated Nov 16, 2015

Yesterday Borderlands was just a video game, but now it's your reality.

Handsome Jack has made a victorious comeback from his fall, but this time he isn't just taking back Pandora, he's found a way to take Earth.

A new Hyperion technology has scanned Earth into the world of Borderlands, colliding with Pandora, Helios, and everything in between, bringing you and your friends into the the corruption and calamity that is...Handsome Jack.

You finally get the chance to become a vault hunter. 

YN = your name 
Written in your point of view for maximum amount of enjoyability  

note: it's gonna be pretty vulgar. aka language and sexual content. (you're in luck if you're into this). 

(S P O I L E R. A L E R T)
there will be romance

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Lol he’s a pretty cool villain in my book. He’s attractive, and funny and he’s determined. He was just sorta caught in the wrong place like, it mainly started when he found the vault in the pre sequel
jack may be a mass murderer but that doesn't make me any less sexually attracted cool
MoonLightFlash MoonLightFlash Jun 14, 2017
My reaction if this was real
                              "What the hell? Why am I so calm?"
MoonLightFlash MoonLightFlash Jun 14, 2017
My friend and I were arguing because I said moxxi sucks and she said that jack is trash.... ahh good times
Noodle-chan Noodle-chan Mar 18, 2017
Tbh a fake gamer girl wouldn't even know what Borderlands is
husoldiee husoldiee Sep 27, 2017
I would smirk and be really happy honestly like, Jack go ahead take this world and I can give you names to kill, thank you very much, now marry me