Project Terminar

Project Terminar

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(Book Two of Experiment Number 7218. Do not read this summary or book if you have not read Book One)

I listen closely through the static on the radio, trying to hear the emergency broadcasting message. An electronic voice repeated over and over, "This message is transmitted to you through the North Carolina Police Department. It is advised to stay indoors and to remain inside if at all possible. Have enough food for one to two weeks. Do not come in contact with anyone outside of your household. This message is transmitted to you through the North Carolina Police Department." I scoff to myself. I know this will not be over in a mere two weeks.

- - - - -

Terminar; The Latin word for Terminate. Definition: To bring to an end. 

Brittany Slater was free. She had finally escaped the island that she now calls Hell. But there were so many loose ends. Why had her father destroyed all of his research? His factory? His life's work? Why had he given her a chance to live? Well, she got her answer.
Upon arriving to North Carolina, she was thrown right back into Hell on Earth. Grounders, Savages, what were once innocent people, they now all roam free. 

Her father told her the Experiment was over, and he was right. It was time for the Project to begin. To take effect. And no one could stop him. He'd turned the world into a pyramid, and he put himself and his own government on top. 

He'd activated Project Terminar.

Warning: Contains graphic content such as blood, gore, violence, and language. Please take notice of the horror tag. Some content may not be suitable for all readers. Thank you.

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ShadowWolf85678 ShadowWolf85678 Jul 06, 2017
Lol I've read this book 3 times and my answer is still hunters
Wolf_lover_6108 Wolf_lover_6108 Mar 23, 2017
Umm hunters ppl are way worse then anything I ever could imagine at least the creatures will kill you faster then the hunters will and you don't know what the hunters will do to u
rayrae101 rayrae101 Jul 20, 2015
I followed u right before I read this because I luv ur books and you are one creative writer! more then me I bet!!! I luv ur books and talents Thx for introducing me to ur strokes and Thx for providing them to me