The Arrangement

The Arrangement

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Shelley Hennig, a former drug addict, is forced to learn how to survive alone at a young age. Later in life, she discovers that looking for a job is the least of her problems.

If anyone had told Shelley Hennig that she would one day be working together with award-winning actors, she would have laughed them in their face.

Kicked out of her abode at the age of 16, Shelley Hennig had to work hard to make ends meet. She could only rely on herself to get the job done.

Luck struck when she was working at a store in New Jersey, and was suggested by an observant to become an assistant to a film we all know as The Maze Runner. Everything falls into place subsequently until the Board of TMR asked her to do something ... something that would either destroy her future or create it.


The Arrangement explores the genres of fan fiction, fate, tragedy, humour, but most essentially, romance. It is at it's very core, a Dylan O'Brien fan fiction, yet fans of Shelley Hennig will enjoy it even more.

BEWARE: Nothing mentioned in this novel is actually true, and if it is, it is placed in the novel purely for humour or by mistake.

Cover Credit: @smartieshb

Raaksha Raaksha Dec 30, 2016
I would've just...
                              Honestly, I dunno. That place seems as tight as a grammar nazi. 😐
Tortuga0698 Tortuga0698 Jul 25, 2016
This is a great chapter. I love how there's much detail into her thoughts and it was very informative. 😄👍👏
holdforapplause holdforapplause Sep 20, 2016
Its good, although confusing at first. Overall I like the chapter. You are talented.
alliec_123 alliec_123 Jul 23, 2016
First paragraph was AMAZING. your detail is the best i've ever seen. This deserves more reads!
AnneSophieSaulter AnneSophieSaulter Mar 22, 2016
The other book... It will be like a sequel?? Or an other book?? Because I love that story so much and I don't want that to end 😍😍🙈
Tortuga0698 Tortuga0698 Jul 25, 2016
No no no no no. Sing it with me:
                              Alligator alligator, don't that line will be your savioe
                              Crocodile crocodile, you'll be very happy after a while