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The Mute Alpha (Book Two of the Senses Series)

The Mute Alpha (Book Two of the Senses Series)

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Charlotte Michelle By CharlotteMichelle96 Completed

After a tragic accident that leaves young Lucas Donovan mute, he has to find a way to cope with his new life, while becoming Alpha at the same time. He never wanted to be Alpha. He was never supposed to be. But when his parents and older brother die when he is only fourteen years old, the Cipher pack is passed to him. As the years go on and frustrations rise, Lucas Donovan's only chance at maintaining the pack he never wanted, is to find his mate.

Mae Matthews is loved by everyone around her. She is spoiled and cherished. She knows of her parents story. She's heard of the horror her family had to go through by an evil man named Castor. But that never dulled the light inside of her. Mae always saw the world in a different perspective. She always saw the good, rather than the bad. But when Lucas Donovan, the tragic man himself, claims to be her mate, she struggles to find the good in the situation.

KeiKei1005 KeiKei1005 May 25
Okay that makes sense. But why doesn't he mind link to his beta and let him speak to everyone
This guy is really blunt 😂 like the poor dude just woke up and this guy is over here like "oh yeah your parents are dead, you can never speak again and that kinda sucks but I'm sure you'll get through it pal! 👍"
KeiKei1005 KeiKei1005 May 25
I knew someone would feel some type of way about that. I knew everyone wasn't okay with just being naked. Lol
KeiKei1005 KeiKei1005 May 25
5 damn hours!! I can't make it 5 full minutes without being winded if I'm running at full speed.
KeiKei1005 KeiKei1005 May 25
Do you want to die because you can't talk?!! That's a bit much in my opinion
AzzieKa AzzieKa Dec 02, 2016
                              LOVE IT WHEN THE GIRL SAVES THE GUY