Lost Star {Mulan Retelling}

Lost Star {Mulan Retelling}

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#SaveAelin By stelliferous- Completed

Balancing on the edge of plunging into war and chaos, political unrest between the Northern Empire and the Southern Kingdoms heightens.

  Asteri Verloren is a girl with nothing to lose but her identity, and signing up for the Australian army was her only path to salvation.

  For Captain Orion Kesswell, becoming infatuated was never a part of his plans but the moment he sees Asteri he can't get her out of his mind, wanting to uncover every mystery she hides behind her hair. But what he uncovers turns his world upside down.

  In a world of power hungry emperors, invisible enemies and secret weapons that would destroy humanity Asteri and Orion's lives intertwine in a desperate quest to save the world and hard-earned peace. 

  But how do you destroy a monster without becoming one?


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ixdand ixdand Apr 17
I like the fact Ravina isn't a Mary Sue and this is already shown in the first chapter. Looking forward to the next!
Okay ..what's your problem biatch?! Wtf is wrong with you waiting for your sister's fall instead of preventing it!!
karriezai karriezai Feb 20
Huh, what an interesting reaction to a suicide note. Fascinating way to start a story! Sounds like this is one messed up family.
Okay I'm trying reaaaal hard not to hate rhe first character that appeared from the first chapter but she's making it awfully hard to do
What a great introduction to the story. Princess Rovina sounds like she might be the villain
JuliaWelker JuliaWelker Aug 05
I am excited! I love retellings! I was wondering though is this more modern with security footage? I will love it anyway I'm sure. Voting for you!