Chelley ~ Tranquility Ignoramus

Chelley ~ Tranquility Ignoramus

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Wheatley BIRDBIRD By WheatleyMiner Completed

[Before this book starts I just want to clarify that this is my first ever legit story so I'll be almost as sorry as Wheatley if it turns out bad. I also want to clarify that it contains spoilers of the real game.]

So there he was, the core was there, floating aimlessly throughout the cold, vast space for eternity, with his so called 'Space Partner', trying to keep himself amused.

And there she was, the dangerous, mute, lunatic, out of Aperture. Wandering upon the wheat field about her.

The core and the mute had had their times, their moments, good and bad, they don't have much in common. Except for one emotion...

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SnowyZorua SnowyZorua Sep 15, 2017
You have been in suspension for 9...9...9...9...9..........9...9-
Sky_Draco Sky_Draco Jan 11
So she was asleep ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine years?
Artemisian360 Artemisian360 Jan 01, 2017
Hi, uh, sorry this is advertising so ignore it if you want but I have 0 views on both my stories so if someone wants to check them out then that'd be great
WheatleyMiner WheatleyMiner Jul 21, 2015
It says there are no more comments but there are 10 other than this one. Confusion.
WheatleyMiner WheatleyMiner Jul 21, 2015
@nothingworld this is embarrassing cos I clearly copied yours and other ones.
WheatleyMiner WheatleyMiner Jul 21, 2015
@nothingworld I didn't do that because either way it's pretty obvious. I might do it because your book is clearly better than mine