Jailed (COMPLETED)(South Park) {stanxkyle}

Jailed (COMPLETED)(South Park) {stanxkyle}

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#SmurfLivesMatter By Blazedarkness Updated Aug 24, 2015


Kyle broflovski went down hill after high school. Unlike his super best friend Stan who's now a cop.

Kyle, kenny and Cartman live in a run down shitty apartment and have to steal to get most things in life. There white trash but they always get out of trouble. 

All thanks to Kyle, whenever they get in caught they can get of scot free! Kyle has made a deal with Stan that whenever there caught he will forget about it or not mention it. The deal is that Kyle has sex with his best friend. His best friend who has feelings for him. And the three boys use this to their advantage.

Kyle has a girlfriend, and Stan knows this. But the thought of the feisty, troublesome red head still turns him on.

But one day Kyle is caught by a different cop, and his friends ditch him. He has a choice, stay with Stan and be watched twenty four seven or go to jail....

I cant talk for germany but im austrian and honestly i hate it so much,, it not only the shitty language but the whole country just pisses me off so much
Somebody is going to walk in on me while I'm sitting here...
jessydraws jessydraws Jul 25
Is this one going to be as sad as the last one you wrote I think its called yes your highness something like that becajse k fhckong crjed so hard at that
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                              HE DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME WAY
                              I'M CRYING HELP
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