Mavherus Academy: The Ancient Academy [COMPLETED]

Mavherus Academy: The Ancient Academy [COMPLETED]

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Angel By mhikashi Completed

/completed/ now on it's major editing

Maybe the title of this story is a cliche one, but the story behind it's cliche title is not as cliche as you think. Curious if what's my story all about? then read it. ^_^ May this story is not good as the other writer's works but I just wanna say that I am only an amateur writer and this is my first work so I am still hoping that you guys will like it.--------------

They made me as a weapon, but then they let me live because if pity. But what will happen in the end when they'll know about me? 

How can I save myself when I also need to save everyone?

by: mhikashi

leejeneik leejeneik Sep 06
author, ask ko lang this story related to "Fantasy: the legend"?
Wew! Akala ko.dudugo ilong ko hahaha ,,btw nice story po ^_^
- - Sep 12, 2016
Uy grabe.. >,>………… anyways... yeah... inggit ako.. :'(.. sana ako din merong ganyan sa school.. :(.. *sigh*.. pati din yung.. yung.. yung powersss!!. Ahihi!!..xD.. 😭
- - Sep 12, 2016
Pfftt!!,, haha.. they already said it... xD.. toinkss~~z,,nosebleed.. xD