Cardinal Sky

Cardinal Sky

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Maya By mokbook Updated 3 days ago

In a world conquered by aliens, Sky has committed unforgivable crimes to survive.

             Ten years ago they arrived in city-sized ships and deployed red prowlers to dominate the skies. The lights went out. Billions perished and society regressed to savagery, ruled by gangs and death. 

           Unlike her younger brother she believes fighting their invaders is a lost cause. She finally finds peace, taking refuge deep in the forests with a nomad community, content with her simple life until a strange white craft appears and accomplishes the impossible- destroys two alien prowlers.
               For a second hope rekindles, until the white spacecraft is shot down, causing Sky to commit an action that can never be undone. She risks her life to save the pilot and brings him home. Her leader believes this mysterious man has valuable information the rebel forces can use against their enemy. Given no choice she is forced to accompany him, but before they set out their camp is viciously attacked. 
              Sky will discover he is not the savior they imaged and his presence will threaten her very existence, casting her back into the dangerous world she left behind. Hunted and on the run, their only hope is to reach her brother in the rebel forces, but to get there they must traverse the hellish lands earth has become.
              An action-packed adventure in a future where survival is everything.
              Cardinal Sky (The Sky Series 1.0) Ranking milestones:
              #20 Science Fiction (Dec 02, 16)
              #23 Science Fiction (Nov 24, 16)
              #31 Science Fiction (Aug 10, 16)
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I read the first sentence and was like yep this is going to be an interesting book lol
Whylea Whylea Feb 08
Great world building, I really enjoy the setting in the wild and almost tribal feeling of hunting.
Wow, I was stunned by your writing ability. This story is fabulous. I love that characters, the cover, the grammar. (I'm here 4 the grammar). 
                              I think you have a lot of potential, and the possibilities of becoming a NYT Bestseller!
wrightstory wrightstory Nov 21
I really like the proverb, it's very thought provoking.  Smaller chapters are better.  You will get more reads.  People have told me they prefer them.
                              That proverb that says,don't judge a book by it's cover?
                              Sue that
I like how you started the chapter. Eye opening, I always enjoy the controversial and gritty.