Gabriella Gilbert || Vampire Diaries

Gabriella Gilbert || Vampire Diaries

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Gabriella Gilbert and her identical twin sister, Elena Gilbert had a normal life. Besides the fact that their parents are dead. First day back at school seems fun right? For Elena it is when she meets Stefan Salvatore. Gabriella though meets the older brother Damon Salvatore. Will she fall in love with him? Or will she just choose to stay away from the Salvatore brothers in general?

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Warning: contains bad language

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Book One - Season 1 - Season 2 - Completed 
Book Two - Season 3 - Season 4 - Ongoing
Book Three - Season 5 - Season 6 - TBA

Completed: 4/21/16


Someone better tell Caroline they might have to postpone the wedding. She might need to Post pone it all the way to season 8.
Why did the fog end? I was always waiting in later seasons for the fog to come back... 😕
Not to me. I don't like coffee. 
                              For me it's all about the pizza 
                              Because pizza is love. Pizza is life 
                              Or just any food in general. That works too 😕
                              I just want to eat 24/7 😋😛
😂😂😂😂😂 I love this girl already!!! I have this thing with my friends that I made up. It's my theory. If you add on 'wink wink' to the end of your sentence it makes it sound rude. It works with anything! 😂
                              I say it all the time!
gabriellap_ gabriellap_ Nov 24
It's freaky how much this description literally matches me perfectly 😂
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So are you gay then ? 
                              Bahahaha ba dum tsss😂... Ok im lame