The nerd and the gang leader.

The nerd and the gang leader.

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abcdefg12345a By abcdefg12345a Updated Jul 10, 2017

Alexa Maddison- classic nerd at school. 
   Mason walker - gang leader of the Kings & Knights. 

      "Why can't I open this beer?" I scream at the sky. 
"Dude can we keep her?" I hear a voice ask. 
Omg I'm gonna die that's god he wants to keep me oh gosh no. 
"God buddy old pal is that you please don't take me!" 
All I heard was laughs before I hear footsteps then see's about ten figures making there way towards me. 

      "God all I wanted was my beer opened not for you to make your angels come get me." I look up as I hear a husky laugh. 

      Well maybe Alexa shouldn't of grabbed 3 extra beer for her night stroll getting drunk well more then planned shouldn't of happened well what will happen?

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YasmineZamudio YasmineZamudio Jan 24, 2016
I can already tell i'm going to enjoy this book just by the first chapter. 
                              P.s I was laughing at her good bye note with the hide my nuttela XD