Reunion with Strangers (Viking Nordics x Reader)

Reunion with Strangers (Viking Nordics x Reader)

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QueenOfLegos By QueenOfLegos Updated Aug 22, 2017

Have you ever wondered if that feeling of déjà vu ever meant something? That feeling of already meeting some one? Maybe,it isn't just some superstition. 

One seemingly normal trip to the super market could change your whole life. You had never thought of all the possibilities of going to get groceries, they seemed pretty predictable. You could go home and eat bacon... or you could be sent on the most unexpected journey since The Hobbit! 

After a tragic accident, you were orphaned and forced to live your life alone. You never had many friends due to your fear of being abandoned. But, what if I told you, you had the best friends in the world, and never even knew it?

Unfortunately, Finland will not be included because he really wasn't involved with viking affairs. I'm sorry Finny fangirls. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy!

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The_Nordics12344 The_Nordics12344 Dec 17, 2017
Why does the name seem so familiar??? 
                               Didn't Robert Munch make a story about a boy names Mortimwr who sings at night and everyone annoyed??????????
galactic_link galactic_link Dec 30, 2017
Me when I get to excited and it turns out to be a 1 fake person 2 wrong person or 3 my imagination
Kabuno_Chan Kabuno_Chan May 01, 2017
-eunwoooo -eunwoooo Jun 17, 2017
If this was real and I was at an older age I would turn psychotic and shred him. Yes I'm a psycho
Stephania101 Stephania101 Oct 25, 2017
Oooooooo you watch I AM WILDCAT and them! I found my new friend!
Yukisorra Yukisorra Nov 20, 2017
I'm a cashier! And what do you mean by meaningless pleasantries we genuinely want to know how you're doing and how your day has been!😢