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The Mute [TsukishimaxReader]

The Mute [TsukishimaxReader]

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Melody♪ By Melody2627 Completed

You were the new transfer student at Karasuno, you were a normal girl, well except for the fact that you were a mute. You have never talked and didn't have any plans to. Luckily, everyone in your class accepted you. You made good friends with Yamaguchi and he introduced you to Tsukishima, even with his sarcasm and his snarky  remarks, you fell for him. But he would never like a girl like you...Right?

[Short Fanfic]

TrickySea TrickySea Mar 22
... The best this I know how to sign is "More biscuits" ... A TWO YEAR OLD KNOWS MORE THAN ME T^T
-Hit in the kokoro and speaks like Akidearest- My self-esteem turns...50 to 0 (TT-TT)
So reading this late at night trying to keep it down, and I squeal while trying to muffle it. I sounded like a duck.
jingshen jingshen Nov 21, 2016
I would be like
                              *writing aggressively in board*
                              liSTEN HeRe U lIl ssH1T HAVe yiUR PaTeNtS THOuGHt U hIw tO ReSPeCt PPL WITh CoBditiONS
                              *aggresively scribbles in board*
gayshi gayshi Dec 14, 2016
Omg, i know sign language due of a best friend of mine because he can't hear
Sadly sign language is not universal and is different in many countries