I Wolfin' Love You

I Wolfin' Love You

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Ariana By LovelyLies996 Updated Apr 06, 2013

Avery has no mother to look forward to when coming home. Her mother drinks and stays out late, and never comes home. Avery works and goes to school, trying to survive in the apartment she and her mother got after the divorce. 

Mason is a rebel. Mason is also a wolf. He is the alpha but gives it away to his older brother Cory. He runs away from everyone. The pack, his brother, and the whole wolf clan. He just can't take it and refuses to talk about his past. 

Soon Avery sees Mason one day. And Mason sees Avery.
Who would have thought a fragile human being could make a rebel like Mason cave in and tell about his awful past.... Or will he stay tough and keep his past to himself? And most importantly, what will happen when Avery and Mason accidently fall in love?

  • anger
  • avery
  • beta
  • cory
  • father
  • fight
  • giselle
  • harry
  • hope
  • hunting
  • leaving
  • lila
  • loss
  • love
  • mark
  • mason
  • pack
  • reed
  • ring
  • timothy
  • trust
  • truth
  • wolf
CocoanPeeps CocoanPeeps May 12, 2016
I love how the story is written and the fact that this girl is helping her and her mom by having a job and going to school... that's hard work and it's tough
hippie_maryam hippie_maryam Jul 17, 2012
so i saw the cover and take a double take. Hes holding her up side down . . . thats hot! Love the cover, but im bout start reading (:
LazyGirl6285 LazyGirl6285 Nov 07, 2011
Okay so i just finished reading the chapter and it was rlly good like keep on reading till theres no more to read good haha
LazyGirl6285 LazyGirl6285 Nov 07, 2011
Just wanna let u know i love the name of the book lol its very creative
DamarisCollette DamarisCollette Sep 21, 2011
Great story ! Please read my story The Backstabber ! I voted just so you know Vote & comment .
XWhatDoesntKillYouX XWhatDoesntKillYouX Jul 12, 2011
wow i really love this story !!! upload sooon pleeeaaasssee!!!!!