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Cold (Hermoine X Draco)

Cold (Hermoine X Draco)

47.1K Reads 1.5K Votes 18 Part Story
M c K a y l a By mikkimurphy Completed

After the events of the final Harry Potter book, both Hermoine and Draco return to repeat their final year of Hogwarts. While she struggles with nightmares of the past, he struggles to find a future for himself. Through a series of events, they're brought together and form an unlikely friendship. Only, both know deep down this was more than that. Will they have the courage to come together?

This is another co-written story! I wrote Draco's parts while Friend-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-Even-Though-Her-Name-Is-So-Common-Nobody-Would-Know-Who-She-Is-Anyway-So-This-Is-Pointless wrote Hermoines parts! Enjoy!

TheSaltineCracker TheSaltineCracker Sep 30, 2016
I love how when Hermione is telling about what she smells is the amortemia   potion, Draco looks up at her
Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari Sep 03, 2016
She did look at them, because she knows the Slytherins don't ask Gryffindors for anything, lest they lose their dignity! Lol 🙂😅😂
val_857 val_857 Jan 14, 2016
@camphalfvlood0952no bc that's why they got the Pegasus bc they needed to save Sirius
HopelesslyStuck HopelesslyStuck Sep 30, 2015
Okay, but how did this happen. He does no work. "You defeated Voldemort! Top of the class!"
gcfxxx gcfxxx Jul 24, 2015
Finally! The first book where you have captial letters and full stops, and where Hermonie doesn't fall into Draco's arms the moment they see each other