What's Happening to Me (boy x boy)

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Roxanne By Mystery-Writer0602 Updated 4 years ago
Jesse Anderson moves to New York from London. He was one of the smartest kids in his school, although wasn't liked be many people. He becomes lovestruck as a 17 year old New York boy steals his heart. Alex McCarson has been going down the wrong path since 3rd grade, then he meets Jesse and his whole wold flips. Dylan Richards has an abusive family and is in love with his best friend...who may never fall for him. And Sam Thomson is a cute and spunky 15 year old who has no cares and basically acts like he is 6...soon he will face awful things he could have never imagined.
Oh.. Okay then.. I don't remember us happening but alright :3
i love this....i read it all mysteriously and now everything Got epic
The time you loose your happy ending, is when you give up on it :)
I am sorry I would love to read this but the spelling and grammar is throwing me off.
Trust me we know there is no such thing as love at first sight or super powers, but we all wish there are things out there like that. Life would probably be so much easier if there were tgough
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Well shit.. Read the intro and already know I'm gonna love this book! :3