One Shots • Demigods X Reader

One Shots • Demigods X Reader

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your boi By glatalic Updated Feb 15, 2016

Special Thanks to @ZoeHetondale17!

B r o k e n   N o s e


L e o   X   R e a d e r  X Jason

"Chiroooooooon!" I yell, exaggerating his name. "It is final, (Y/N)." Chiron sighed as he was rubbing his temple, making an obvious 'You're giving me a headache, please stop and go away' face.

"But we're all big enough to go to the lake without a lifeguard! When was the last time someone drowned? Never! And why do I have to be the lifeguard?! Why couldn't you ask Percy?! You know, the son of Poseidon?! Son of the SEA God?" I asked/yelled, firing questions at Chiron.

"(Y/N). It's final. Now leave..." He said calmly. "I will after you answer my questions!" I said with my arms crossed and my chin up with a face that kind said 'Try me'. "GET OUT OF HERE! BE HAPPY I DON'T FEED YOU TO THE MONSTERS! PESKY CHILD!" Mr. D yelled out as he threw me out of the Big House.

Literally threw me out. "Jerk! I'm 17! (A/N JUST PRETEND) Not a child!" I shouted as t...

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KahakuRiver KahakuRiver Jun 18
Leo~Senpaii I like you Bette that Jason he just lifted me into the air when I specified that I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS!!!!!
KahakuRiver KahakuRiver Jun 18
Leo don't tell me you did this on purpose if you did I swear when I get my hands on you....
KahakuRiver KahakuRiver Jun 18
Leo... Valdez... I ... You.... AUGH! well on the bright side your better than generic Jason :)
Troubles04 Troubles04 Jun 08
I'm pretty sure the whole camp hears them, after all it's me who is screaming.
I just thought that the whole paragraph was in Leo's pov and when I read this I died til I found it was reader pov
- - Mar 04
                              LEO'S EVEN MORE HAWT JESUS HALP MEH