One Shots • Demigods X Reader

One Shots • Demigods X Reader

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B r o k e n   N o s e


L e o   X   R e a d e r  X Jason

"Chiroooooooon!" I yell, exaggerating his name. "It is final, (Y/N)." Chiron sighed as he was rubbing his temple, making an obvious 'You're giving me a headache, please stop and go away' face.

"But we're all big enough to go to the lake without a lifeguard! When was the last time someone drowned? Never! And why do I have to be the lifeguard?! Why couldn't you ask Percy?! You know, the son of Poseidon?! Son of the SEA God?" I asked/yelled, firing questions at Chiron.

"(Y/N). It's final. Now leave..." He said calmly. "I will after you answer my questions!" I said with my arms crossed and my chin up with a face that kind said 'Try me'. "GET OUT OF HERE! BE HAPPY I DON'T FEED YOU TO THE MONSTERS! PESKY CHILD!" Mr. D yelled out as he threw me out of the Big House.

Literally threw me out. "Jerk! I'm 17! (A/N JUST PRETEND) Not a child!" I shouted as t...

Choose Leo. Jason will freaking stalk you. *looks behind*
                              I swear to the gods. If you won't stop. I'll- 
                              Jason: Hey! I'm trying to protect you!
                              Me: You're just being a stalker Jason. WE'RE IN CAMP
AurumCipher AurumCipher Jun 08
I hope he's doing the trick!  Because if he drowned himself on PURPOSE, he'll wish nobody had noticed him not breathing!
I love how other people are like TIME SKIP BROUGT TO YOU BY LOKI SINGING RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER and you're just like cause I'm lazy
                              DO MORE FER DIS CHAPTER PLEASE! 😆😆😆
Rykityki Rykityki Oct 15
He's gonna pull that one trick like the kid from the sandlot. (If anyone gets this I will personally follow you.
That's either me with everyone. Like. 
                              Oh my Hades how can a person be so loud and annoying SHUT UP. 
                              Or the other way around. :)