Total Drama Island: When the Irish Girl Came

Total Drama Island: When the Irish Girl Came

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* C O M P L E T E D *

~Labelled 'Unpredictable Leprechaun'~

Stephanie is your typical Irish girl. Ginger hair, pale skin, and of course, freckles.  When Stephanie hears about 'Total Drama Island' a TV game show being aired in Canada, she decides to audition just for fun but is amazed when she actually gets picked. All the same campers but with an Irish girl in the mix. Will Stephanie be able to keep her cool or will her awful temper come out?

I do not own any of the total drama characters. The only character that belongs to me is Stephanie.

I ain't a ginger an I have a nasty temper that I eventually learned to control... wise words I tell ya
Stephanie's temper reminds me of my OC, Chyanne, who is a Courtney and Eva mix. And trust me. Ya don't wanna anger Chyanne. When she loses her cool. She is an eternal flame. She calms down eventually, bit still. I wouldn't anger her.
I'm not gonna lie. The thing about Irish girls or even if your somewhat Irish, we have tempers. Take it by me. I'm 45 percent irish, and get mad easily. So it's not a lie when the story states that Irish people have bad tempers.
It's okay, it feels like I'm reading the show? Does that make sense? Anyway, I love it!
MadisonCollopy MadisonCollopy 2 days ago
No it's true that's a small amount for a temper I should know I'm part Irish