drunk texting 》s.w.

drunk texting 》s.w.

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[2:41AM] Samuel: I miss you

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kiwiijana kiwiijana Jun 22
everyone has a different body ok chill. not everyones body is here to please you 🙄 kinda annoying af now
these comments actually make me sick to my stomach. How dare anyone have the audacity to judge another human being for their body structure because it doesn't fit their standards. That girl is beautiful, and it's these comments that are disgusting.
Leighamg Leighamg Aug 14
We kinda have the same body 
                              Because I'm flat and really skinny ( I have a high metabolism and very healthy) and my hip bones stick out like sore thumbs
I'm am honest so disappointed in you guys who are body shaming her
Just because she's skinny doesn't mean you should make fun of her cause I bet if she's wants skinny like that you sure as hell wouldn't be body shaming her
nightacy nightacy Feb 18
@ everyone commenting about her boobs; NEWS FLASH: not all girls have big boobs!! :) if you didn't know that people are all the same :) :) :) :)