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Harry Potter Imagines

Harry Potter Imagines

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Time-Turner223 By Time-Turner223 Updated Aug 29, 2016

(5th year)

Your pov 

I walk through the halls of Hogwarts. I clutch 'Quidditch Through The Ages' to my chest. I met up with my best friend, Luna Lovegood. I met her in third year. I was on my way to herbology with Gryffindor. On the way, I run into Malfoy. I hated him as much as Ron hated spiders. Possibly more. We finally reach the greenhouse and walk in. Once we enter, all eyes are on us. Harry Potter, my crush, was staring at me, his green eyes glazed over, in another world. I focus on what Professor Sprout is saying. I chewed on my bottom lip in concentration. All throughout the lesson, I felt Harry's eyes burning holes in my skull. The bell dings and I quickly gather my things. I hurry out the room. Later, I head to the RoR for the Patronus charm. I grab my wand, walking with Luna, a fellow Ravenclaw. We walk in, the door disappearing behind us. Harry stood there with everyone else. "The key to a Patronus charm is to think of the happiest memory," Harry instructed. His green eye...

lancie20 lancie20 Dec 14, 2016
This is Siriusly my Hogwarts life
                              1)I'm a Ravenclaw
                              2) best friend is Luna lovegood
                              3) crushing hard on harry
NatsuSenpai_13 NatsuSenpai_13 Nov 06, 2016
What are you saying!?! He was never dead when I finished reading the books her alwa- yeah oKay in still in denial
Strangerchan Strangerchan Nov 26, 2016
I honestly just ignore his death and read him into stories 😂😂😂
Niamhxoxo27 Niamhxoxo27 Sep 22, 2016
Okay when he said 'I love you. I always have' it made me me think of Madagascar 2 when Melman tells Gloria he loves her... Is that weird?