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The Alpha and His Foxy Mate

The Alpha and His Foxy Mate

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Boredom~Chaser By ContemporaryLover Updated Apr 28

Arabelle Dae is a normal eighteen year old girl with a few quirks, she's lived in the same town for as long as she can remember, has an amazing best friend named Melodee, and almost knows exactly what she wants to do with her future. 

Until that is she goes to her "goodbye seniors" assembly at Hunter's Moon High, manages to accidentally get in a fight with a Barbie wanna  be, kill some poor fox she thought was a rock (which happens to be her favorite animal by the way), and have a horrible night at her favorite lake with a thing she thought was her friend.

What else could possibly go wrong this summer? Oh Yeah, she could find out she's not technically human anymore, is mated to the Alpha of the pack her friend actually belongs to (turns out that wasn't just some strange apartment building with a close knit community), and that said Alpha was the "bad-boy" of her high school that she had only seen glimpses of.

Arabelle is going to have a very interesting summer in the new world she's been sucked into.

Okay, I'm not the best writer in the world, I'm only a teenager with horrible vocabulary/grammar and I sometimes like to live vicariously through my characters so please don't hate too much on my writing. I know it's bad. If you want to be helpful and point out some errors that's fine with me, but if you're just being a jerk wad who feels the need to point out every little flaw or screw up, you can take your butt right outside and leave my story alone. Writing is not the easiest thing in the world contrary to popular belief, and I can't just devote all of my time to writing this or any of my other stories because I have homework and whatnot to deal with. That being said, welcome! This is my story and I intend on finishing it out no matter how bad any of you think it is.


LittleAussie LittleAussie 4 days ago
                              Your writing is very good. With some editing, it would be pretty perfect.
Omg, me and my best friend right there lol, even the same appearances as described 😂😂😂
Really again why is Brittany always used for the me chucks name my name I Brittany and I am probably the nicest person anyone will ever meet that's what my sister says
I always end up breaking the belt loops trying to put my jeans on😂
Saving people , hunting things the family business 
                              sorry some one had to
grinnyxsmiledog grinnyxsmiledog Feb 08, 2016
I'm not trying to be racist but I don't see that many books with colored people so thank you for writing this book