The Fox's Mark

The Fox's Mark

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✨Bored•Queen✨ By ContemporaryLover Updated Nov 26, 2017

For eighteen years, three months, and nine days, my life was completely normal. I grew up in a relatively small town with a close knit community. Life was easy and pleasantly monotonous. My plan was  to graduate, go to college, then come home and find a job. And everything was going to plan until the very last day of school. 

Now everything is changing and frankly, I'm terrified.

Okay I know the description is kinda weird but maybe you should give it a chance anyway? And by maybe I mean definitely.  If you think it looks cool, it totally is! And if you think it looks terrible, appearances can be deceiving.
                                 -✨The BoredQueen✨

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LittleAussie LittleAussie May 23, 2017
                              Your writing is very good. With some editing, it would be pretty perfect.
AQueenBro5 AQueenBro5 Jul 10, 2017
I'm Reading This And I Just Think
                              "Man, I wish I was like Mel. Imagine having pretty blonde hair, nice light skin, freckles. Man, and being skinny? Wow. That'd be beautiful." 
                              Then I Realized.
                              Oh My Ra I'm An Idiot.
                              I Just Wish I Looked Pretty That Way. 😂
furry_matrix furry_matrix Apr 06, 2017
Omg, me and my best friend right there lol, even the same appearances as described 😂😂😂
That'll be me when I'm dying; "Why didn't I eat more cotton candy?I want some right now.."
the_thief_lord18 the_thief_lord18 Apr 14, 2017
Really again why is Brittany always used for the me chucks name my name I Brittany and I am probably the nicest person anyone will ever meet that's what my sister says
sugar_skull_lover sugar_skull_lover Jun 11, 2017
She's getting beat up and the only thought coming to her mind is "Hmmm.... Wonder when I'm getting Cotton Candy." XD