The Alpha and His Foxy Mate

The Alpha and His Foxy Mate

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✨Bored•Queen✨ By ContemporaryLover Updated Jul 11

For eighteen years, three months, and nine days, my life was completely normal. I grew up in a relatively small town with a close knit community. Life was easy and pleasantly monotonous. My plan was  to graduate, go to college, then come home and find a job. And everything was going to plan until the very last day of school. 

Now everything is changing and frankly, I'm terrified.

Okay I know the description is kinda weird but maybe you should give it a chance anyway? And by maybe I mean definitely.  If you think it looks cool, it totally is! And if you think it looks terrible, appearances can be deceiving.
                                 -✨The BoredQueen✨

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                              Your writing is very good. With some editing, it would be pretty perfect.
AQueenBro5 AQueenBro5 Jul 10
I'm Reading This And I Just Think
                              "Man, I wish I was like Mel. Imagine having pretty blonde hair, nice light skin, freckles. Man, and being skinny? Wow. That'd be beautiful." 
                              Then I Realized.
                              Oh My Ra I'm An Idiot.
                              I Just Wish I Looked Pretty That Way. 😂
Omg, me and my best friend right there lol, even the same appearances as described 😂😂😂
Really again why is Brittany always used for the me chucks name my name I Brittany and I am probably the nicest person anyone will ever meet that's what my sister says
She's getting beat up and the only thought coming to her mind is "Hmmm.... Wonder when I'm getting Cotton Candy." XD
I always end up breaking the belt loops trying to put my jeans on😂