The Elf and The Dragon (Fairy Tail AU)

The Elf and The Dragon (Fairy Tail AU)

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A Fairy Tail FanFiction~
Princess Lucy. King Natsu. Both had exceeding power. Both were after the other.

When Natsu was a child, King Igneel's reign was already coming to an end and his mother, Queen Grandine, was already killed. His little sister Wendy was suddenly kidnapped one day. And the blame was on the Elven Kingdom that was placed across the Forbidden Nature. A horrible place that nearly no one survived going through.

Lucy's mother was assassinated nearly right after she gave birth and her father, King Jude, didn't care. He didn't really care for the late Queen Layla anyway. And he certainly didn't care for his daughter. But when Lucy finds out that the assassins were from the Demon Kingdom of the Dragons. Ever since that day she had planned on killing the newly crowned king of the Demon Kingdom. King Natsu.

WARNING~ At the moment this FanFiction has the Ships: NaLu, GajEvy, and RoWen

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Dfly17 Dfly17 Nov 05, 2017
ROWEN!!!!!! 😚😚😚😚😜😜😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mizuki--Sama Mizuki--Sama May 02, 2017
Uggghh, Natsu's pissing me off. He's being a pretty stuck up prick, don't see what Erza did wrong there for him to ask her not to speak that way. She was being pretty respectful and formal lol
Mizuki--Sama Mizuki--Sama May 02, 2017
Ooh, it's Lyon! I like the way you planned out who will be part of which Kingdom and how Lyon and Gray are of opposite Kindoms, and Sting and Rouge are also from opposing sides. It makes things more interesting that way
Chum_of_FT Chum_of_FT Mar 19, 2017
OMG I just saw my comment from 6 months ago up there and freaked out cuz I do not remember reading this story at all
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf Jul 16, 2017
@TurdNugget_Dragneel No its just pedo bear is always behind you
pix0507 pix0507 Aug 19, 2017
Natsu... Is telling Erza... What to do?!?! 
                              That's a first 😒