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The Bad Boys Roommate

The Bad Boys Roommate

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Shan By -lolwuht- Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Can you hand me my water, sugar?" he asks with a huge stupid smile plastered across his face.
I stutter out "D-don't you have legs?" I'm having trouble with my words due to his attractiveness.
"Well, duh. But what fun would it be to use them when I could have you get it for me, sugar." he smirks.
"Do not call me sugar. It's creepy." I say indignantly. 
"What do you suggest I call you. Since you seem to act like you know it all." he says, looking at me expectantly.
"What? You're not making any sense, I literally just got here, I'm not acting like anything."
"Yeah, okay, whatever, what do you want me to call you?" he says flatly. I sigh.
"How about Alice. My name." I say.
"Oh my god! Like Alice In Wonderland!" He says -a little too enthusiastically- as he jumps up from the couch, looking like he just discovered something amazing.
"No. Don't call me that."
"Why, does it bug you?"
"Yeah, actually it does." 
"In that case, it's nice to meet you, Alice In Wonderland." he reaches his hand out for me to shake it,  with a smug look on his face. 
I place my hand on my hip. "Okay, maybe I need to break it down for you, It's Al-ice" I say, treating him like he's a 3 year old, which so far, is where I'm pretty sure his brain stopped learning. 
"Well, Al-ice, It's nice to meet you."

Alice Thompson moves to a new college campus with her best friend Acacia. But will an unexpected mess up in the roommates Alice finds herself battling the boy shes cooped up with. What will happen as they grow closer. Maybe in the end things are more tempting than we think.

ugh I hate it when I read about other people's time of the month when it's mine too
-lolwuht- -lolwuht- Dec 18, 2016
This got all messed up. I didn't mean it as actually curvy. Her character is a 40 year old woman who is more intense terms, fat. I used curvey even though her character is not. I was being nice to the character, not to offend anyone all of you are booootyful.
Royalty1400 Royalty1400 Jun 30, 2016
Ok thats weird trying to rock a crop top. She might have wrinkles going on
Jay-dxo Jay-dxo Dec 11, 2016
It's just for the book, every single one of you are beautiful but it's just for the book❤️
CrazyWierdChicks CrazyWierdChicks Dec 02, 2016
Just wonder, but what state do the live in? I get the general area of where they live, but which direction for the two states over from California Idk thanks
BabyGirlBrii BabyGirlBrii Aug 03, 2016
Not trying to hate but some people can find this offensive 😊