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vongola By CrestFallenStar Completed

When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emperor Meilin, however, he surprises her by naming her his bride and future empress of the empire.

How will the kind and sweet Daiyu escape from the clutches of the emperor? Will he capture his little rabbit, or will she run before it's too late?

Cover by @Forcade
Video by @AlyxMck

Wow people get triggered so easily that you had to explain yourself smh
serinaraza serinaraza Feb 09
Bruh, everything is wrong with that statement. Its not bad, but ppl shouldn't over use it.
BuaSun BuaSun 2 days ago
I love you Alrdy from reading this 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ A South East Asian here!
Selma-13 Selma-13 Jan 22
                              Love you a zillion times more or this
TheFake34 TheFake34 Jan 29
True, I wish there would be more latinas, latinas can be anything, white, black, and most commonly indigenous.
Lol idk why, guys with that kind of description don't appeal to me. But I agree 100%