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When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emperor Meilin, however, he surprises her by naming her his bride and future empress of the empire.

How will the kind and sweet Daiyu escape from the clutches of the emperor? Will he capture his little rabbit, or will she run before it's too late?

Cover by @Forcade
Video by @AlyxMck

W0nd3r_Cattt W0nd3r_Cattt 21 hours ago
Hello 😊 I am currently writing a book called "Out there" I tried really had on it but not many people has read it.. can you check it out and offer some advice and maybe vote? Thanks u😁
Crazy_Pessimist Crazy_Pessimist 6 days ago
I have read more than 150 on wattpad and this is absolutely true
_mOoN_sHiNe _mOoN_sHiNe 6 days ago
I love your rant its soo true its relatable
                              Asian powerr!!! 
                              im asian looool
damz48 damz48 4 days ago
thank you, someone else who find this so annoying in like teen books.
DogeBooks DogeBooks 5 days ago
You have one a spot on #1 on the BookWorm awards. Comd check it out on january 20 when its done!
Yes! I have three different pieces in the works now (aside from an autobiography of sorts that I'm writing), and I'm really excited.