When I Grow Up | Hiccup x Reader

When I Grow Up | Hiccup x Reader

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potato prince By leetsonuj Updated Oct 16, 2016

Outcasted, alone, and unwanted. That's what you are. You're (Y/N), someone who was once a part of a proud Viking tribe, now an Outcast. Away from humanity, all you have is your smarts, your strength, your belongings, and your dragon. You take it as your job to take care of wounded dragons that land in your small cove. You only want the world to see that dragons are not sinners, but angels. You avoid this neighbouring tribe responsible for the wounded dragons landing in your cove. You view them as ruthless, judgemental, and insensitive. But.. What if they're not all like that?

(This story is intended for a female reader.)
(Beautiful Art on the Cover by Lychi ((http://lychi.deviantart.com/art/Toothless-and-Hiccup-159125235)) This artwork was not created by the artist specifically for this fiction. In no way do I claim property to this work-- thank you!))

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