Christian Vegetarianism? -  some reflections and quotations

Christian Vegetarianism? - some reflections and quotations

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John M. Gilheany By dandydilettante Completed

A handful of thoughts on the resurgence of a straightforward, yet complex lifestyle tradition.

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Christian-princess Christian-princess Sep 03, 2017
I'm a Christian and a vegetarian! I'm proud to be both! God is #1 though! 😊
_savannahd_ _savannahd_ Oct 06, 2015
I am a vegetarian follower of Christ  we are hard to find but we're out there lol. I am vegetarian for moral reasons btw
WarriorPrincess66 WarriorPrincess66 Aug 10, 2014
Oh I give up. Be a vegetarian if you want (whoever is reading this-not exactly directed towards author), I wont judge you.
dandydilettante dandydilettante May 09, 2013
Shows how much I know ... there was already a thread underway on this all too controversial issue: 
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xXRoseAsInRed1Xx xXRoseAsInRed1Xx Apr 22, 2013
@dandydilettante~ ur welcome, and i totally agree!!
                                                                LilySnixx </3
dandydilettante dandydilettante Apr 22, 2013
@xXRoseAsInRed1Xx Thanks for sharing your outlook on the topic.
                              That's pretty much my own take these days too; that vegetarianism may serve to enhance Christian witness whilst at the same time could well diminish the sum total of horror in the world - no bad thing either!