Remember You (sequel to Marry You) (SwanQueen)

Remember You (sequel to Marry You) (SwanQueen)

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Hogwarts Will Always Be There To Welcome You Home ❤ By the_flying_ostrich Completed

Sequel to 'Marry You', my little SwanQueen creation ❤

(Spoilers, do not read unless you have finished the first story)

It took Emma and Regina almost 5 years to figure out their feelings for each other. And a chaotic week in which Regina was marrying someone else to confess those feelings.
After their feelings were finally confessed, they started a new life, a better life; a life together.

But on the day that of their own wedding, things got complicated.

Emma received news that Regina had been in a car accident.

And now she must deal with the fact that Regina can no longer remember who she is or anything that happened between them.

  • accident
  • amnesia
  • anxiety
  • emma
  • emmaandregina
  • emmaswan
  • feels
  • fluff
  • love
  • marriage
  • memoryloss
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  • reginamills
  • romance
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yuvis05 yuvis05 Jun 26, 2017
The fact that you said she feels at peace breaks me a little more considering in a few moments you are going to describe a tragic accident😭
TwiceBtsTrash TwiceBtsTrash Oct 15, 2016
                              WHY DO YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE WOUNDS OF THE PAST
xclobellexx xclobellexx Jul 11, 2016
😂😂😂 yasssssssssssss🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
stelgomez stelgomez Nov 27, 2015
Still upset about the crash... But I'm sure a great story will follow...
TheSwanSavior TheSwanSavior Aug 01, 2015
Oh wow. That was tense. I just exhaled this breath I subconsciously held in. Good work. Oh wow... 0-0
TheSwanSavior TheSwanSavior Jul 25, 2015
I'm seriously crying because I was gone for a while and finally were able to read the ending to Marry You, and I got so upset that their happy ending broke. And now that I read this, I'm just getting really emotional right now. Amazing job, going into the library.