This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun (Hunt Me Down sequel)

This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun (Hunt Me Down sequel)

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Seventeen-year-old Vallery Reed - fun-loving, tough, a little bit crazy and more than a tad irresponsible - is moving with her family to Norville. They've lived in that town before and you'd think that the familiar surroundings and reuniting with her childhood friend Raiden (on whom she may or may not have a crush on) would make the Reeds' return a pleasant event. By all accounts it would be if only: one - they didn't move back there so Val's mother would be admitted to a clinic for addicts, two - her ever absent father didn't suddenly decide he wanted to get close to his children, and three - her twin brother didn't have to deal with his recent realization that he was gay.

Join Val as she tries to help her sibling and adapt to her new circumstances while making some questionable but fun decisions along the way.

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• If you want to know the story of Vallery's brother Nathaniel, check out my Hunt Me Down. It takes place before This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun, but since it's Nat's story and not Val's, you should be able to understand TGJWTHF even if you haven't read HMD.

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silverrlux silverrlux 2 days ago
goodbye, i refuse to read the rest of this. i hated vallery or whatever and now i find my baby is apart from his love and is unhappy
Keito-Shizumi Keito-Shizumi Aug 17, 2016
I like four. The background color seems to go well with the picture. I'm very late. I meant to read this forever ago
NaturalHerbivore NaturalHerbivore Dec 13, 2015
So, is this book is mainly  boyxgirl?
                              'Cause I only read boyxboy.
ayusui ayusui Jul 26, 2015
I vote for cover number 4, it just looks prettiest to me. And I believe it should be spelled Ray when his full name isn't spelled out because Rai might cause pronunciation confusion. Great first chapter by the way :) I'm intrigued.
SnakeMelon SnakeMelon Jul 26, 2015
I really like #4 Just remembered I was going to read this after seeing the message you just sent xD
sumiXoyasumi sumiXoyasumi Jul 26, 2015
I remembered and im just about to start reading ths :) thank you for tagging me :)