Moon Goddess Daughter

Moon Goddess Daughter

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"NO!!" Allie screamed. "My mate. No please. Moon Goddess don't take him. N-no!!!" 
Logan came and grabbed Ally by her waist. She started kicking and screaming trying to get back to her lifeless mate.
"NO LET ME GO!! This hurts it hurts so much! Please." she said sobbing "Why no no let me go please my mate."

"STOP!" I yell. They all look at me. Logan still holding a sobbing Ally.
Next thing I know my eyes turn fiery red and I feel so much power. I touch Ally's mate. "Mom" I say looking up .
He started coughing.

"BABY!!" Ally screamed.
Murmurs from everyone one started.
Damnit. I had been so careful with my secret.


This pack thought I was crazy. Who wouldn't? Stumbling upon a rouge "talking to herself". They cut me some slack when the soon to be alpha claimed me as his mate though. I have powers they wouldn't think existed and my wolf is more powerful than they can dream. I'm second to my mom, The Moon Goddess.
In this new pack I met my mate and my bestfriend. But now they know.

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