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Hetalia x reader lemons

Hetalia x reader lemons

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inactive By louiestrella Updated Sep 08, 2016

Comment your request and ill do it asap

NourAtat NourAtat Jun 01, 2016
Norway x reader! Can you make it really romantic? What if the reader tries to get Norway to show at least a emotion, but it wasn't easy. So they... you know ;3 and he shows a smile at the end saying "I love you"! :D
Mchllbrtls Mchllbrtls Feb 06, 2016
I would love to read one with Roderich (Austria) or one with Francis (France)! 💕
GrumpyCatWriter101 GrumpyCatWriter101 Jul 17, 2016
Whenever I read areas all I can think of is Phoebe and Frank Jr talking about the triplets in FRIENDS 😂
ChloeKnight2334 ChloeKnight2334 Apr 28, 2016
Scratch what I just said. Canada X Reader lemon please?... It would be nice... If you don't want to do it then don't do it... If you do then go for it!...
_aph_Hungary_ _aph_Hungary_ Aug 23, 2016
Eels, in freshwater, can grow larger than a grown man's arm. HAHAHAHA no.p
GrumpyCatWriter101 GrumpyCatWriter101 Jul 17, 2016
So.... They're in the water... And she's a virgin... So is the blood just floating around them? 😖