Sardonyx's Guess That Character! (Steven Universe)

Sardonyx's Guess That Character! (Steven Universe)

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Guess the character that Sardonyx is hinting at! She will give subtle clues about the character and you get to decide who it is!

Credit to artists! Not sure who they are but if you know of one tell me and I'll credit them properly!

I do not own Steven Universe!

By Water23 as I was formerly called, I'm 
 -Endless_Oasis- Now!

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JJTheDanielle JJTheDanielle Aug 01, 2017
                              I thought it was garnet
                              And I'm saying all this in her voice
WizBean WizBean Jul 07, 2017
I would say Jenny but my original answer was Kiki before I saw the other comments cuz I forgot the quote
Sa55ygirl Sa55ygirl Dec 14, 2016
I can actually imagine her saying this though that's the thing
_SleepyBoy_ _SleepyBoy_ Aug 13, 2015
Anyone else think that fusion in Steven U is very dirty minded 0.0
                              ... No just me, ok