Seme trapped in a Uke's Perfect Body (Yaoi) (BoyxBoy)

Seme trapped in a Uke's Perfect Body (Yaoi) (BoyxBoy)

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The Yaoi Army By theyaoiarmy Completed

Haru, the hero of our story, attends Yoshi Academy for boys with the hope of finding his perfect uke--cute, innocent and has bubbly butt. Ironically, this same description applies to him. He is cute, innocent looking and has a plump butt. A lot of thirsty semes are eyeing him; however, they are not his type. Disenchanted by not finding his uke, Haru takes the initiative to act in order to get what he wants. What will happen to this ironic hero when he meets two seme princes?  I guess, we shall read and see...

Author's note to the readers: I am writing this as a manga script. It is my dream to turn this story into manga. Sadly, I don't know how to draw. I need an illustrator. T3T
Please leave some comments or suggestions. This is my first time writing creatively so please help me become a better writer. Thank you for reading! :3

*Note* The cover art is not from me. It's from a BL manga called "Docchi ni Suru?" by Aiba Kyoko.

So Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Body is the prequel to this story?
Teiko_Kiyoshi Teiko_Kiyoshi Apr 24, 2016
sooooo they DID lift the curse or ... you're adopted, otherwise i would be happy if those two would be together
Delyna-D Delyna-D Mar 26, 2016
OMG this is not a parallel world right ? Misa and Kazuo will be together RIGHT ?!
AliciaPinkyDollsFFx AliciaPinkyDollsFFx Mar 30, 2016
Really? Omg! This is like a side story of fujoshi trapped in a seme's perfect body haha <3
Lena-Presents Lena-Presents Mar 30, 2016
Why does this not have as many views as the other? People don't like cute uke? :(
Dragor77 Dragor77 Jul 02, 2016
Oh gosh his parents are from fujoshi trapped in a seme's perfect body... *squee*...
                              *imagination runs wild*.. 😍😅