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fags and god | ot4

fags and god | ot4

35.9K Reads 2K Votes 14 Part Story
SAM By symkaria Updated Jan 08

Michael was raised as a strong Christian, his parents banned the words that were against the bible, telling him that they were wrong. After he moves, he stumbles across a transgender and two gay boys. He was also the baby of the group. 


Cliffordconda_Irwin Cliffordconda_Irwin Dec 08, 2016
Me when my parents hear me listen to bmth like they're not even that hardcore yet
blessedhemmo blessedhemmo Aug 08, 2016
my parents say as long as its not ab sticking ur hand in a blender and drinking it i can listen to whatever
minmin_got_jams minmin_got_jams Aug 05, 2016
Twenty one boxes or should I say twenty one pilots! *Slaps knee* *falls off chair* *dies laughing*
SamI244 SamI244 Aug 24, 2016
My family are christian catholics but my parents are fine with being gay so
baby_peaches__ baby_peaches__ a day ago
Satanic? Are you serious the boy is legit the definition of a baby kitten!!! Wtf