Akatsuki x Reader Oneshots

Akatsuki x Reader Oneshots

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I will take requests!! But here are the members I have trouble writing..


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Karma_Bakabane Karma_Bakabane a day ago
*after getting phone back from throwing it across the room* Wait whatM
Me: wait me... Think about... Hidan... BITCH PLEASE!!!
                              I think about Itachi, Sasori, and you Deidara and sometimes Kisame and one more but I forgot his damn name😤
sevenscare sevenscare Dec 30, 2016
....that's an incorrect use of albino........sorry for correcting but it's true.
Oh my kami Hidan is now my twin I would say something like that😂😂😂
Roses are red,
                              Cacti are prickly,
                              Let's all agree,
                              This escalated quickly.
Why does everything I read  always has Deidara saying 'un' after every sentence😢