Kuroko no Basket One Shots and Scnearios [Completed]

Kuroko no Basket One Shots and Scnearios [Completed]

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恵帝 ♛ By Otome4life Completed

Hey, there. I'm kinda new on writing scenarios and one shots, so please bear with me and eventually, they'll become better! Kuroko no Basket is one of my favorite anime shows and decided to write random scenarios and one shots! 

*I may not have the image(s) you guys like. If you're planning to ask me for them, I cannot do so because I either deleted them or forgot the link to the pictures. Sorry*

(I don't own Kuroko no Basket! All rights go to their owners!)

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bdhafaj bdhafaj Nov 23
Cmon guys you can't raise a child by keeping it happy all the time that's spoiling it and potentially ruining it as a person (have you ever met a spoilt teen/adult) it can be a bother when little kids cry and throw tantrums in public but their only keeping it from being a horrible adult
i chimed in with 'haven't you people heard of closing the goddāmn door?!'
Vivian0208 Vivian0208 Jun 20
I always wanted to give the parents a lecture about how to cheer up their child
I really want to explain why parents should ignore their children crying but it would be a pain in the shiri
Vivian0208 Vivian0208 Jun 20
Lol sooooooooooo true when I got to the good part in attack on titan season 2 it just ended
StarFoxx555 StarFoxx555 Jul 10
This happens to me on my computer. I forget to use my charger and then it dies which makes me angry because my project for school would be gone