Dylmas/Newtmas One-Shots

Dylmas/Newtmas One-Shots

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Hope-and-Believe By Hope-and-Believe Updated Jul 19

Here's a bunch of Newtmas/Dylmas One-Shots!!! All of them are based on different songs from my playlist.

Suggestions are always welcome ❤

Enjoy :) 


Amazing cover by: koneko-nii

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mazememes mazememes Apr 07
He likes you... not in a gay way, but if you'd ask him to make out with you he totally would
umm no
                              break up tomesa and make newtmas and brendesa happen
if it were me;
                              Thomas: *scares me*
                              Me: *yelps and hits him with the handle of the shovel* sorry...
*so much sarcasm* Yes, because waking up naked next to the guy you were thinking about yesterday is TOTALLY called innocent!
If you can hate Newt, there is something seriously wrong with you
evil_limmy evil_limmy Mar 24
I never get tired of reading these over and over and over again :)