Dylmas/Newtmas One-Shots

Dylmas/Newtmas One-Shots

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Hope-and-Believe By Hope-and-Believe Updated Mar 07

Here's a bunch of Newtmas/Dylmas One-Shots!!! All of them are based on different songs from my playlist.

Suggestions are always welcome ❤

Enjoy :) 


Amazing cover by: koneko-nii

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mazememes mazememes Apr 07
He likes you... not in a gay way, but if you'd ask him to make out with you he totally would
Xx_bts_bangtan_xX Xx_bts_bangtan_xX Sep 21, 2017
That's stereotypical, but it explains me perfectly without the lumps of sugar,
                              I love twining's tea (it's the best!)
timestar34 timestar34 Apr 25, 2017
His accent 
                              His face
                              His contribution
                              His hair 
                              That's what I love about him
Livefornewt Livefornewt Mar 08
Also summer of 69 by Brian Addams is a song that would fit really well as a 1 shot
Yaoi_Queen_Bleh Yaoi_Queen_Bleh Oct 31, 2017
Haha funny you should say that newt is an angel haha
                              Please just please no
I never get tired of reading these over and over and over again :)