Lucidity (On Hold)

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~Jdas By Terraceous Updated 2 years ago
Over 700 years have passed since the world came to an end. The whole Earth it seemed had declared war against its parasitic inhabitants. The elements raged against them and the helpless citizens fled. Those who could afford the flight fled to space, leaving behind their failing planet, doomed by their destructive actions. But even after billions had left, billions more remained. The ones who had escaped promised to return for those unlucky ones, to take those that were trapped on Earth back on their ships. In order to survive until they could be saved, the remaining inhabitants of the planet cryogenically froze themselves, preserved and unharmed, hoping to avoid whatever awaited them in the post-apocalyptic world. Now, 700 years later, Benjamin Night finds himself without his memories and alone with four other survivors. With mutated and genetically engineered animals running after them and unimaginable natural disasters bent on destroying them, they are forced to travel to take the last ship that will ever leave Earth. Hand in hand, they must embark on a thrilling and life-threatening journey to save their own lives that is filled with lies, hate, betrayal and deception only to find one eternal truth. And together, they will find something they were not looking for; both a beginning... and an end.
This seems somewhat like the maze runner but its awesome anyway
This just keeps getting better and better! I still think it should be a show like on SyFy or something like that but great job, keep up the good work and DONT QUIT! My advice. UPLOAD! :D! I dont care what you say! YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER! THE DETAILS! THE DICTION! YOUR AMAZING! :D
Dude, another awesome chap! The way you introduced the characters was so unique that suddenly I am ten times more interested! Also, it's cool that you have a batch of totally assorted characters. I bet this story's gonna be awesome, so I'll be reading on then. -VOTED-
After reading this, I could immediately assume that you're an adept Sci-fi writer. Dude, you're awesome! Surely you put a lot of thought into this. Every description did an awesome job into transforming this into a well-written masterpiece. Great chap!     -VOTED-
@Sakamoto I think as long as her character develops with the story (in a less annoying way) it will be fine. I cut her some slack when I found out later on about her hand.