Three Questions - 2p!Canada x Reader

Three Questions - 2p!Canada x Reader

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OliviaNikole By OliviaNikole Updated Mar 09, 2016

You get lost hiking in the wooded areas in Canada just as winter is hitting. When it looks like all is lost you are saved by a mysterious man who only allows you three questions about himself. But as you discover this man's secret you wonder if three questions will be enough. 

2p!Canada x Reader Three Shot

Cover art is not mine

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Hell__talia Hell__talia Jul 05, 2017
I wanna use the third question "when will you update" pretty pleaseee
Dottie14 Dottie14 Apr 10, 2017
I wouldn't actually. Poachers are mean people. As long as he doesn't kill me (WHICH HE SHOULDN'T BECAUSE I LOVE ANIMALS) I'll be fine
alphawolfpup alphawolfpup Aug 22, 2016
Please...update...*sniffles* I'll kill the poachers....I hate animal cruelty...its f*** up and wrong
sythesdigitalworld sythesdigitalworld Aug 06, 2016
I am with all of these amazing people! PLEASE UPDATE! THIS IS SO AMAZING AND I THINK THAT YOU ARE A VERY GOOD WRITER. But of course if you don't want to update, that is completely fine. I just think that this is a very good book.
Please update and if you would mind making it a lemon 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Elizabeth_the_Ember Elizabeth_the_Ember Aug 24, 2016
Actually if the cabin is big enough a polar bear could fit in that. But that's if the cabin's big enough. Anyways I like your story.