The Bad Boy, The Bet & Me

The Bad Boy, The Bet & Me

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"Mads, I'm sure this is the right house, plus, who cares? I'd totally be killing the wet, hot look anyway.'' I roll my eyes back dramatically and force myself with all my might to not blurt out, 'YOU WOULD.' as his ego would then be enough to make me gouge my own eyes out aswell as getting a car to run me over. 


Sighing, I tell him jokingly, ''Do you know who else rocks the hot wet look? Theo's pet dog after it's been running around in the rain.'' I quickly press the sliver doorbell, trying not to look at Zac's face. 

Epic Fail.


So here's the deal. The names Madison Mia Briggs.

Yup. Lets cut the poshness maybe?

The names Maddi. That asshole that you just read about is Zachary Anderson.

Woah, the poshness scale is off the charts. Let's chop that down maybe?

He hardly deserves it.

His name is Zac.

The only reason I'm in this situation, is because of my twin brother Elliot. We may share the same green eyes and brunette coloured hair, but look nothing alike apart from that.

So with one of my brother's pranks ends in a disaster of course, resulting him crashing into my room with his mates. One of which is Zac who I hadn't seen in God knows how long.

As you can predict, Zac has the biggest ego, annoying hot though, and is always there to make my life a adventurous hell. To get him off my back, Zac forces me to make a bet with him. The task is simple. Within the time limit of two months, If one of us says 'I love you' to the other, we lose the bet obviously, and HAVE to do ANYTHING and go EVERYWHERE the other says for three days. And also has the live out the shame of losing for the rest of our lives which neither of us would enjoy when you get to know us. But, If I make it out, Zac gets off my back, and leaves me in peace. 

So lets do this.

But did I mention, Zachary Anderson never loses? 

Please, for my pathetic life, pray for me.

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i have light brown hair but for some odd reason it has a red glow to it it boggles me but i embrace it
I was skimming through the chapter, so I thought it said she shoved a banana up his nose XD
I just saw the Cast List, and I saw 'Dylan O'Brien. My future husband 😍
I was born blonde and as I matured it turned to a darker dirty blonde. I've gone pink(a ton of times), pink/purple, green(it was supposed to be blue), silver, bluish silver, red, yellow(I'm not good at bleaching my hair by myself), blonde, and brunette more times than I can count
In my opinion, I think of my brothers as alarm clocks. They're loud and annoying and you just want them to shut up sometimes
I wake up at 6 and my school starts at 7:45 but my bus comes at 7:20