Falling for Vittorio [Discontinued for now]

Falling for Vittorio [Discontinued for now]

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Chloe By TrueViolet Updated Jun 16, 2016

It is a well-established fact amongst those who lurk the criminal underworld that love is nothing more than a weakness. It is a weakness that those who want to destroy you will take advantage of in order to bring you down to your knees in the dirt at their feet, with the barrels of their guns pressed against the skin of your temple, ready to end your life with one meaningless flick of their finger. 

However, Vittorio Lucente, the Don of the most influential and notorious crime family the underworld has ever known, quickly learns that love is an emotion beyond his vast control, and that the moment he starts to fall for the broken beauty behind the bar, it is impossible for him to just stop. 

Rose feels as though she is a shell of who she could be, having had to live a life where violence and pain was thrust upon her the moment she was born, but that doesn't stop her from falling deeper and deeper into a world where brutality is almost as normal as needing oxygen to live.

Rose has her thorns, and yet Vittorio is still all too willing to take a firm grip on her and risk his very own blood being drawn, just so long as he can keep her safe away from those wanting to hurt her. They both have their enemies and they not only threaten to tear the two of them apart, but they also threaten to completely shatter both of their worlds.


Warning: There will be violence and mention of abuse, sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol and sex.
Author's Note: This is my first original story and these are my own characters. This is the first draft of this story and the final draft may contain changes. I am unhappy with my first chapters and am currently working through editing them while I am continuing to update the story.

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SimroonChowdhury SimroonChowdhury Oct 19, 2017
i like your story as well but curiousity is going to kill me
xdaydreamxer xdaydreamxer Jun 26, 2016
Vittorio just seems like one of those drool worthy people of the world
firstyoulaughed firstyoulaughed Apr 27, 2016
I love the summery so I'll give the book a try :) happy first reading to everyone else!
diggems diggems Feb 24, 2016
Love the first chapter! Really captured me into the story, excited to read more!
loveneverend12 loveneverend12 May 30, 2016
Why couldn't he punch the wall, instead her hurts someone to let out is frustration
ellaREDzZ ellaREDzZ Jan 08, 2016
Love the first chapter! Hate john, he needs to die tho lol liking grant &Jackie too