Gravity Falls BillDip {You can never see love with just one eye}

Gravity Falls BillDip {You can never see love with just one eye}

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Sabrina Booskie By dragonslayergirl Updated Mar 15, 2016

Hey I hope you enjoy the book, and comment. So bill gets a human form in this book, and its a billdip. I dont think I have to say but just in case its boy x boy.
Anyway please comment and tell me what you think.


Dipper P.O.V

I look through my book, that i read almost a billion time. I filp to the page with the evil triangle in it, and take a deep breath what is he up too. I lay back down to look out from the window to see my sister playing with her friends and waddles. "Man...I wish soos wasn't out today", as I hold the book out infront of me and then put it under my pillow. As i close my eyes to take a nap.

Bill P.O.V

"I have nothing to do", "I am so bord". I flot around and think maybe I should mess with pine tree I didnt do that for a while. As I teleport myself into his room the sky turns black, and white. I say "hello pinetree". I look down and I see him taking a nap, I look at my triangle form and think I could probably fit in better if I went in...

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LunaCoolwolfYT LunaCoolwolfYT Mar 05, 2017
Hi, what's the song called? I used to know it but now I'm a dumb a** 😅😅😓😓
LittleMissCiph3r LittleMissCiph3r Mar 21, 2016
Love the video. The D in Dipper is supposed to be capitalized though,
LaShearaEwing LaShearaEwing Apr 10, 2016
When I see mustache and kitty whiskers I think Markiplier and Dan and Phil
Animegirl1400 Animegirl1400 Jan 30, 2016
The video is one of my favourite ones good pick I can't wait to see what other ones you use
Rosemary-Sensei Rosemary-Sensei Nov 09, 2015
get someone to check your grammar mistakes because when you write them you may not notice them. nice story by the way