Gravity Falls BillDip {You can never see love with just one eye}

Gravity Falls BillDip {You can never see love with just one eye}

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Sabrina Booskie By dragonslayergirl Updated Mar 15

Hey I hope you enjoy the book, and comment. So bill gets a human form in this book, and its a billdip. I dont think I have to say but just in case its boy x boy.
Anyway please comment and tell me what you think.


Dipper P.O.V

I look through my book, that i read almost a billion time. I filp to the page with the evil triangle in it, and take a deep breath what is he up too. I lay back down to look out from the window to see my sister playing with her friends and waddles. "Man...I wish soos wasn't out today", as I hold the book out infront of me and then put it under my pillow. As i close my eyes to take a nap.

Bill P.O.V

"I have nothing to do", "I am so bord". I flot around and think maybe I should mess with pine tree I didnt do that for a while. As I teleport myself into his room the sky turns black, and white. I say "hello pinetree". I look down and I see him taking a nap, I look at my triangle form and think I could probably fit in better if I went in...

Sock Opera is my all time favorite episode. Probably 'cause I imagine all sorts of BillDip things that don't actually happen but what my mind wants to see my mind GETS to see. Anyways your spelling is really off. This is just constructive criticism
Groggynop Groggynop 5 days ago
Yep he.... Well, Dipper just thought that.... We know....
Love the video. The D in Dipper is supposed to be capitalized though,
I can't keep reading anymore XD bye this was my last draw XD
When I see mustache and kitty whiskers I think Markiplier and Dan and Phil
The video is one of my favourite ones good pick I can't wait to see what other ones you use