Living with Dead People (5sos||Vampires)

Living with Dead People (5sos||Vampires)

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idiot By castawaywhocriedwolf Updated Nov 24, 2016


Nicole was a normal girl, who lived alone. But that changed when she was taken after seeing something she wasn't supposed to.
How will she cope, living with four vampires... four dead people? 

Vampire 5sos Fanfiction/AU
5sos are themselves 
Nicole is played by some cute girl
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CringeWorthy666 CringeWorthy666 Mar 11, 2016
ayeeee I lived in Pennsylvania... until we moved because the forest around us was going to be developed even though there were over 76 problems and just 1 problem could shut it all down and I have a suspicion that the county counsel is corrupt- hey look it's gandalf!
TheDangerDaysParade TheDangerDaysParade Jan 10, 2016
Looking at the picture and all I can focus on is 'I am Gandalf'
                              😂 oh lord of the rings, your everywhere I go.
ScreamingNarry ScreamingNarry Jan 10, 2016
My life, except from getting messages from boys or anyone for that matter.
KareHxxd KareHxxd Dec 31, 2015
That moment when u think of spongebob and his missing name tag
WhamBamJam WhamBamJam Dec 11, 2015
I was like
                              "MY NAMES JAMIE FINALLY IM IN A STORY!"
                              But then I remembered I'm a girl soooo
little_mixer2124 little_mixer2124 Nov 19, 2015
that just made me happy because she is from Pennsylvania my home well were i was born before i moved