You're No Monster [STOPPED] || Reverse Falls (Dipcifica or Dipper x Pacifica)

You're No Monster [STOPPED] || Reverse Falls (Dipcifica or Dipper x Pacifica)

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Gash By Rorscarch Updated Jan 27

The Gleeful Twins: Mabel and Dipper, rule the city, popular, well-known, and filthy rich. 

But Dipper is on the verge of paranoia. Underneath his cool headed exterior, is a fragile heart. Hoping for something, someone to keep him at bay. Hoping no one can figure out what he really is inside... a monster.

Tackles the Reverse! Dipcifica AU. Possible Reverse! Mabel x Gideon *It's up to you guys ^_^*

Rated T for gore, suggestive themes, and weird sh** a teenager with hormones of a raging bull can think of.

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Yes, I've been looking for a fanfic like this, one that is well written and has proper character development. I just can't stand grammar mistakes, and the grammar in this was also well written! So good job! I'm vary picky, x)
Where did you found that picture of Dipper ? Can you tell me please ?????
MysticMochi MysticMochi Jan 16
*holds dream catcher*
Killerwolf1337 Killerwolf1337 Nov 07, 2016
I can probably see bill bye the science guy working for bill ima be real
-Titandick- -Titandick- Aug 31, 2016
WOW. Bill matured over the years mind and soul- oh wait, he doesn't have one
-ForeverLoving- -ForeverLoving- Oct 28, 2016
Wonderful time reading this book! I'm betting you that's what they were having. I mean, this book is amazing!