You're No Monster [STOPPED] || Reverse Falls (Dipcifica or Dipper x Pacifica)

You're No Monster [STOPPED] || Reverse Falls (Dipcifica or Dipper x Pacifica)

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Gash By Rorscarch Updated Jan 27, 2017

The Gleeful Twins: Mabel and Dipper, rule the city, popular, well-known, and filthy rich. 

But Dipper is on the verge of paranoia. Underneath his cool headed exterior, is a fragile heart. Hoping for something, someone to keep him at bay. Hoping no one can figure out what he really is inside... a monster.

Tackles the Reverse! Dipcifica AU. Possible Reverse! Mabel x Gideon *It's up to you guys ^_^*

Rated T for gore, suggestive themes, and weird sh** a teenager with hormones of a raging bull can think of.

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BladedMaiden BladedMaiden Mar 12, 2017
Yes, I've been looking for a fanfic like this, one that is well written and has proper character development. I just can't stand grammar mistakes, and the grammar in this was also well written! So good job! I'm vary picky, x)
RoyalFuck RoyalFuck Feb 18
Tbh this is almost my exact words whenever anybody tells me if someone I know got pregnant.
A_freaky_Girl A_freaky_Girl Apr 21, 2017
Where did you found that picture of Dipper ? Can you tell me please ?????
Prince_Mochimin Prince_Mochimin Jan 16, 2017
*holds dream catcher*
Killerwolf1337 Killerwolf1337 Nov 07, 2016
I can probably see bill bye the science guy working for bill ima be real
-Titandick- -Titandick- Aug 31, 2016
WOW. Bill matured over the years mind and soul- oh wait, he doesn't have one