Iambic pentameter

Iambic pentameter

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Sean Flanagan By AyeWrite Updated Jul 19, 2015

I had, I had to look it up;
I had to look it up.
I had no clue of what it meant;
I had to look it up.

And even then, was still unsure;
I had to look again.
Once and twice and thrice; and then? 
I had to look again.

What started out as just one thing,
Had grown to something more.
Now; after once and twice and thrice,
"Oh sorry, there's no more".

I wasn't pleased, I'll have you know;
Don't get why this should be.
And won't accept an end like that;
Just on the count of three.

Upon myself, will meet this quest;
To give the number four.
To study the construction,
To give it something more.

If 'one to on-ce' and 'two to twi-ce';
If 'three to thri-ce'; becomes.
Then 'four to four-ce'; and 'five to five-ce',
Da dum, Da dum, Da Dums.

I still don't get iambic pentameter;
Maybe it's just not for me.
So instead, let's try anapaestic tetrameter;
It might just set me free.

So if it doesn't work for you;
Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum.
Go Dr Seuss or eat your hat;
Da Da Dum, Da Da Dum,...