The Soul Reaver 1 Night of Souls

The Soul Reaver 1 Night of Souls

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V. L. By Dalleena Completed

Daphne is a Soul reaver. Left by her parents to fend for herself at a very young age, she has yet to come to terms with what she is. A monster, a killer, the thing that goes bouncing in the night.

Hunting at night, she steals feelings from unwitting people. It has kept her alive this long. But once a year she must take a soul to survive. Searching the streets, Daphne encounters a truly dark soul and decides to take it, little does she know that this one is neither truly dark, nor defenseless. On the run from god knows what, she stumbles into the world she was born to be a part of.

This is a paranormal, fantasy romance, it contains strong language, violence and has sexual content.

New cover by @BeyondCreative! Looks great doesn't it?

AHBaig AHBaig Jul 20
Damn that was amazing! Everything from the descriptions to the action was perfect. I think I'm going to like Daphne
Okay, now I'm wanting to know more about this Mistrael guy lol.
                              I think you did a great job with this and love your descriptions, especially when he triggered the plume of smoke/mist around Daphne. I did find the beginning a tad slow but nothing to make me want to run :-)
neala_cris neala_cris Oct 16
Everything is so detailed and I seriously found no fault with anything. It's pretty amazing how you were able to think up the whole soul reaving thing and the wind that came with the wing and all; you make paranormal seem interesting.
                              I'm curious to know what Mistrael is though..
But really though. People that walk down dark alleys are asking for trouble. Lol
comet_ comet_ Jul 16
I am so glad I started reading this book! It had been lying around in my library for a long time, waiting for it to be completed!
christinakitson1 christinakitson1 5 days ago
From what I've read of the intro your story sounds really good I'm very excited to start reading 😀😀