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I Hate You,My Alpha Mate. (Complete!!)

I Hate You,My Alpha Mate. (Complete!!)

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Valar Dohaeris By firestonefossils Completed

Highest Ranking till now: 5 in werewolf. 
    Damon Sommelier was not an easy person.
    But who said I was?
    I am Summer Clementine Anderson. And this is my story.
    Summer has finally found her mate, what she didn't expect was the cocky attitude that came along with him. There are many relationships that don't always start out easy, and theirs is one of them.
    Now add in an unstoppable power that is gifted to one and craved by many. Her life is suddenly all about evading the person after her power, and also working on containing the destructive power she holds within her. 
    So many things to distract and disturb her from what she really needs to do. Let's just hope the pressure doesn't cause the type of destruction she's so focused on trying to avoid.
    Summary by VHThompson :)
    "You can't do it," I said challenging him.
    His eyes turned dark with lust at my remark.
    "Don't challenge me." he said, huskily.
    "Oh yeah? well, we both know you're incapable of it." I said shrugging.
    Before I knew, I was pinned against the wall with both my wrists at either side of my head. 
    Huh. Déjà vu. 
    "I can do it." he snarled.
    "Try me." I smirked.
    And he headed towards the pulse of my neck. 
Also Read Stand Alone spin off which is better written and mature: I love you, My alpha Mate. 
    Take a peek :)
    A cliched story by me.
    Hope you like it.

ClairD3Lune ClairD3Lune May 22, 2016
Why would you say the first few chapters are shitty. This is very nice. I like your writting style.
SilverRos SilverRos Jun 28, 2016
I always love it when female main character is a strong one. The weak ones who need constant protection are seriously so… overused. And they are a bad interpretation of women nowadays!
AdorkaBabble AdorkaBabble Aug 22, 2016
His name is life a weird mixture of ' Damon ' Salvatore and Ian ' Somerhalder '
ClairD3Lune ClairD3Lune May 22, 2016
Oh God! Finally. Girls in books usually say they look plain or average. I do have encountered a few books in which girls say the look good or beautiful or hot etc. But as I said. Only few.
Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Aug 22, 2016
Is it me or is it that in most of the werewolf book I read there is always some pack sluts that gets into everyone's pants or at least tries to.
MysteryFades MysteryFades Aug 17, 2016
You know, not all girls wear makeup to impress guys, and not all girls that wear makeup are bitches. And what's wrong with wearing shorts if you wanna show off a little leg? Juss' sayin'.